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Pill Festival Band

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New Members and Membership

The band’s primary objective is to allow the people of Pill and the surrounding area to enjoy learning and playing music, irrespective of social class, age and ability. Music for the people by the people.

New Members

Anyone is invited to attend the band’s rehearsals as a guest at no charge. If you decide that you will be committing to become a member of the band, please ask a committee member about joining.


Beginners (including group instruction) to advanced players, £5 per practice, or standing order of £15 per month. There are normally† 38 practice rehearsals per year plus concerts.

Under 18s and students

Beginners, training and performance U18 and students are free in line with our charitable aims of encouraging music in the village.


Membership fees are advisory, our policy is to welcome anyone with the desire to play.

† To allow us to catch up following Covid restrictions, we are rehearsing through the school Summer holidays during 2021

PFB - Photo by local photographer Liz Milner